Sunday, October 30, 2011

My life.

I should be writing my English essay right now. Procrastination FTW

It's my midterm break! Or, you know, Homework Week. Since I -along with all the other 3rd years in the country- am doing my Junior Certificate this year, the teachers gave us work to do. There's not actually a lot of work per subject, but I am doing 14 subjects and about 11 of them are expecting work do be handed in on Monday. So you see my dilemma.

So I was looking at the English exam papers last night and I'm just astonished at all the topics that we haven't even covered yet. The same goes for most of the other subjects. So then I started panicking about the Junior Certs. I feel like some sort of Cyberman-Dalek hybrid race is coming after me and The Doctor wouldn't answer his phone. Also, I know that I didn't put in as much work in the last term as I did a year go, and this is sort of freaking me out. I'm not actually behind on school work but the same cannot be said on revision. Especially in History.

I mean, I know that these are just the Junior Certs, and they're not as important as the Leaving Certs, but it's still a test. I have this thing with tests in which I always feel like I have to do mind-blowingly well in order to prove something to somebody and to get some sort of prize, even if I know that I don't have to prove anything and there's no actual prize to it. It's that kind of mindset that makes me a lot more competitive than I actually am.

I also have the Royal Irish Academy of Music tests. You may or may not know, but I'm actually doing voice lessons in my school, and I enjoy them very much. But it's one other thing to worry about. I just don't want the money that my parents gave out for these lessons to be wasted.

This is a completely pointless post, and I am sorry about that. But I just needed some sort of outlet.

I'm getting some tea.