Sunday, December 25, 2011

danielleolavario presents... presents!!!

Very creative title, I know.

It's the night of Christmas and I'm on our living room with my cousins watching Megamind, the fire roaring in the fireplace. We just finished watching The Grinch and it was pretty darn cool (Taylor Momsen was so cute!!!). Anyway, since Christmas is more or less finished, I want to show you guys my gifts, because it's something that I'm really happy and excited to talk about. May I say, it was a pretty good haul this year. Pretty good, indeed.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you guys the first one! This is from Orla, my bestfriend and she really does know me well!
It's pretty, isn't it?
Orla made it herself, and I love her for it! It's, like, the official seal of being a Slytherin. *cheers*

From my Mom:

From my Dad:

From Grรกinne:

Another Slytherin Scarf! My friends are frickin' awesome, OK? 

From my friend Jasseh:

From my friend Kate:

It's so pretty. *wipes tears from eyes*
From my uncle:

My uncle gave me 1) City of Angels by Cassandra Clare, 2) Hunger Games: Mockingjay by
Suzanne Collins and  3) Christmas Magic by Cathy Kelly
From The Doctor (which was actually myself):

Yes, I pretended to be The Doctor so I could get myself this amazing
journal. Please don't judge me.
But it's too pretty!

From my dad (again):

From my aunt:

From my cousin, Krizanne:

Krizanne and my uncle gave me the same gift, only different
covers. But that's OK! I grew up watching Pokemon. Gotta
catch 'em all, you know.

From my cousin, Kyle:

We're watching this right now! (We've finished  Megamind.)
McGonagall: Protect your school! Do your duty!
Me: *bawls*
From the Moran family:

That's it! As you can see a pretty good haul, isn't it? And my friends and family got what they wanted as well so that's nice.

OK. I'll see you guys in my End Of Month Purchases (it's a thing, now).




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