Friday, December 2, 2011

Guess who's back?

I'm still alive!

I know. I'm bad at this. I'm sorry. It's just that with the Junior Certificate Examinations coming up and everything, I barely have enough free time. And if I do, I'd really rather spend it reading. Also, we had our parent-teacher meeting a couple of weeks ago and my parents were... okay with it. They didn't kill me, but they're not exactly thrilled either. So, the result is that my computer time has dramatically decreased. Even now as I'm writing this, I'm being timed.

Anyway, enough about the bad stuff. I'm here to pretend that people care. :D

I want to tell you guys my purchases this month! I can't decide whether or not I should make this a thing in this blog because I think I just bought a lot more stuff this month than I normally would, for some reason. But on the other hand, I also think I just forget about stuff that I bought. So, anyway, in true WheezyWaiter style, we'll see. :D

Doctor Who Coaster and Dalek pin both from HMV
So earlier this month my friends and I went out (yeah, I know. Who knew we would survive breathing in fresh air!?), and after they all went home and I was still waiting in the shopping centre for someone to get me home, I got bored and went inside HMV and found these babies. Needless to say I went straight into the till and paid for them without even thinking twice.

Bowler hat from Enable Ireland

During that day out with friends we decided to go around the charity shops. We went inside Enable Ireland and saw this pretty hat! I've always wanted a bowler hat (Okay, a lime green one) but I can never find one. So I'm really happy!

Hot chocholate from Costa

Still on the friend's day out, Orla and I got hot chocolates from Costa. It's really, really delicious. I'm not even joking. It's enough to make Voldemort cry.

Scarf and Belt from Enable Ireland

In case you guys haven't noticed yet, I'm absolutely in love with charity shops. They have a lot of cool retro-ish stuff, paintings and hats and, like, just anything that you wouldn't find anywhere else. These were bought when I was out with my mom and my cousin.

Pink and Gray Coat and hair band from Dunnes Stores

I don't normally buy clothes. Mostly I buy books or accessories. But this coat was too pretty. I get this 60s vibe from them. You know, with the peter pan collar, and the round buttons, the a-line style and the shoulders, and the pink-and-gray color combination. So I got them. As for the hair band... do I even need to say anything?

Mug from Woodies
We were in Woodies one day and we saw a mug rack. And this was in them. They're perfect for winter!

So Little Time, The Grinch and Harry Potter Deluxe CDs.

So my mom is the best. She got this from me when she was out in town. She new I love old-skool Disney and Harry Potter and that I was looking for something to watch for Christmas. She's so sweet! :D

Yeah I think that's it. I have a book review for the second book of Hunger Games coming up and we re-vamped our room and I really, really want to do a tour of it, so that's coming soon! You know what's also coming soon? My Christmas Wish List. *hint hint*

There. Will you guys forgive me now? I have three new coming-up posts just for you!

I'll see you guys around.