Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Awful Lot Of Cleaning

(Sing to the tune of "An Awful Lot of Running" by Chameleon Circuit)

It's like the Garbage Island, filled to the brim with trash
Receipts old as forever, I want to reduce to ash!
I saw their room last week and foresaw my future strife
And I voice inside me shouted, "Run for your life!"

I don't know why I still continued my way inside
But I know that if I don't, I'd have returned to the place anyway,
To my dismay!

It's completely exhausting, but it's so satisfying
To see the room de-cluttered and the trash all gone
So many rubbish I've binned
There's so much more to clean
We've got papers and plastics and dust

And an awful lot of cleaning to doooooooooOOOOOoooooooo...

Yeah. I know.

I am so tired. My parents are gone to The Philippines for a month to get my brother and they've asked (psh, more like demanded) me to clean their room and their en suite and to do the laundry and the ironing. Now the cleaning was actually just, you know, organizing and straightening stuff up, so it shouldn't have taken the whole day, right? But the thing is my parents' clutter levels are, like, this high, so, yeah, it did. And even then the room still looks very, very disorganized. I'm gonna have to ask my mom to buy some cupboards and things.

The room itself is not actually that bad. It's very spacey, with a nice radiator, an en suite and a large window overlooking the streets, and I really, really like it. I think I'm going to stay mostly in this room for the next month or so, until they come back. There's a warm bed, the computer and some food. I'm sorted.

I have my midterm break this week! I'm going to do some adventuring, although I have to borrow a camera from my cousins, because my parents brought our camera with them. I'm not quite sure what kind of "adventuring" I will be doing yet, but it may or may not include thrift shopping, going for a walk, a Harry Potter marathon and trying out some DIYs. Also, confession: I haven't seen any Star Wars yet. I know, I see the judgement in your eyes. But I'm planning to see it this week! Uh, what's that word again? Late? Late.

I had my mocks last week. It was okay, although I'm glad that wasn't the real thing. Doing the exams, I found it very hard to even care. I just didn't see the point of it aside from testing the waters for the Junior Certs. To be honest, the whole time there's a little voice inside my head just chanting, "It doesn't matter." So, no, I didn't do my best and really I wouldn't be surprised if I got a C in every subject. It hasn't hit me yet that I screwed up the mocks, but it will at some point. And, boy, will I regret it. Ugh. Thank God that wasn't the Junior Certs. 

These days I'm always finding myself in a state of worry. It's not like I'm worrying continuously. It's more like an hour and a half of worry a day in 25 minute intervals. I worry about lots of things. My mocks, my Junior Certs, the movie adaptation of "Perks Of Being A Wallflower," my parents, myself. It's not fun, and I long for September when all the worrying about the Junior Certs will be over. It would be such a relief. 

Yeah I just wanted to do these "old-style" blogs that I used to do in 2010. I actually didn't plan this like I normally do but I'm feeling so darn lonesome and my parents are not here and suddenly I'm feeling all worried and homesick and stupid Valentines Day. Just. UGH.

I'm going go watch people I don't know talk about a little portion of their lives on Youtube.



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