Saturday, February 25, 2012

I went out today.

I know. Gasps.

It was a really good day. 9 degrees, sun out, blue skies... you'd be crazy not to take advantage of that kind of weather. It happens about once a year in Ireland, so naturally there were quite a lot of people outside.

It was my also my cousin's birthday so I went to their house at about 11 o'clock in the morning only to find out that the party doesn't start until six o'clock in the evening. Wow, I wasn't too eager or anything. So I told my cousins, "Hey, you guys wanna go downtown today? It's a really good day..." And they were like, "Yeah, sure whatever." So we went out.

I didn't bring my camera with me because as Nanalew said while pointing at her eyes, "Sometimes you have to live with these lenses." Also, I currently don't have a camera. Mostly because I don't have a camera. *Deep sigh.*

The first shop we unanimously agreed to go to was Dubray Books. I went straight to the young adults section and I was only about 7 feet or so away from the shelf when I saw the glossy light blue cover of The Fault In Our Stars just inviting me to take it. So I went straight to the book, opened the first page and saw... nothing. There was no J Scribble, or a Hanklerfish, or a Yeti. The only copies signed were the first printing copies of the book and John said some weeks ago that they are now in the sixth printing of the book. But I was still sad. I didn't buy the book, and it's not because there was no signature in it. It was just because I was a little bit short on the money side and I was planning to visit other shops and buy things. So I walked away from the bookshop, forlorn and everything. I'll just wait for my parents to come back...

I did get a couple of A Series Of Unfortunate Events book from the charity shops, and also a Harry Potter coloring book. The story of that one is that I saw my cousin flicking through the pages and the (uncoloured) Ravenclaw banner caught my eye. So then I said, "Let's find the Slytherin one." Going through the pages we saw that none of the illustrations were coloured... except for the Slytherin banner. And it was perfect colouring. It clearly wasn't done by any two year-old. Of course I had to buy that book. Maybe the previous owner was a Slytherin. Maybe it was a horcrux. *ominous music*

We also bought a bar of Willy Wonka chocolate and a bar of Wonka's Nerds. I kept the wrapper of the Willy Wonka bar, I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away!

I'll show you guys pictures at the end of the month, as usual. I may have to borrow a camera from my cousin, though.

See you guys soon! :D


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