Tuesday, February 28, 2012

These Are The Things That I Can Do

So three of my favorite youtubers, Kayley, Rosi, John Green, and Sanne, have made a video of the things that they're good at. I thought that this was a pretty good idea and I would've made a video response but, alas, video making is one of the things that I can't do. So, instead, I'm writing a blog post about it! Here we go.
  1. I can do maths. I understand maths and it is one of my favorite subjects now but that wasn't always the case. When I was a freshman in the Philippines I failed, like, three of the four quarterly exams. I couldn't understand the concept of integers (!) and algebra was just another language. So in a way, I'm kind of thankful that I moved to Ireland and repeated first year because now I actually do understand maths! 
  2. I can write letters. Again, I got better at this one when I moved to Ireland. I've always thought writing letters is pretty nifty but being away from my friends and family it sort of became a necessity. I don't know if it's just me but I sort of get a bit guilty whenever I miss birthdays of a cousin, or an aunt. I feel like writing letters to them is a much better way of compensating for my absence rather than posting two words and an exclamation point on their facebook walls.
  3. I can take care of myself. I now realize that moving in Ireland has greatly improved me as a person because, yes, I got better at this one in this country as well. I always had people to take care of me back home but here I have to fend for myself, especially in the past couple of weeks. 
  4. I can accept challenges. I didn't have to do Irish. I was allowed to skip it because english is not my first language. I did it anyway. And one of the reasons was because everyone kept expecting me to drop it, so I was like, "Challenge accepted." Sometimes I want to slap myself.
  5. I can play the guitar. Not well, but that's a thing that I can do. And you know what else? I can play "An Awful Lot Of Running" by Chameleon Circuit. Yeah. I know. I'm kind of a big deal. :D
They're the things that I can do! Le t me know the things that you're proud of if you want to.


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