Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Things I Bought- January

Hello everyone! I'm pretty darn excited to show you guys the things I bought last month! Hint: I bought a lot of plates. A lot.

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe is the very first novel that I remember reading so when I saw this one in Oxfam I just had to go and get it! It's copyrighted 1957 and I really like the pretty illustrations. Just look at the cats!

Knee High Socks and Teal Tights

A kinda new shop opened in my town and it's a tights/socks shop called Legsperts (How clever is that?). Imagine my happiness when I saw that, right? Here is their facebook page if you want to check them out! 

I really, really, really like the colour of these tights. It's a bit... metallic, I guess, the way it shines in the light, And I love it so much! 

Speaking of new businesses in town, there's a sort of new jewelry/ accessories shop called Kwilla (facebook page here) and it's pretty amazing! Go and check out their valentine cards!

Hair Bows 

I may or may not have become obsessed with bows when The Doctor started wearing them in season 5. *guilty smile*

No really. They're too cute! 

Bright Red V-Neck Sweater

Plates! Lots of them!

(These three pictures are not the same, I swear! There are three plates
with the same pattern. :D)

Maybe it's because I'm reading too much Her Library Adventures at the moment but this month, I bought six plates. Six!

This one is my favorite, though. I would love to collect all the plates with the other 49 states!

A Vinyl Record Player

FINALLY! It has always been my dream to have one of these and I finally have it!!!

That's it! :D

My mocks is this week and next week- I already sat my French, Music, Irish and Geography mocks exams and on Monday I will have my Business Studies exams. Wish me luck, hell knows I'll need it. 


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