Friday, April 13, 2012


So I have failed my Blog Almost Every Day in April duty. I'm sorry. I would tell you what I have been doing, but I don't want to bore you with a post-long entry about school and how ridiculously behind I am with my work and how I am the ABSOLUTE QUEEN of procrastination. (Really, I have been feeling lazy and non-productive lately -way more than usual. God I'm a terrible student) I guess I'm going to try BEDA again this August, when this whole Junior Cert fiasco is done and dusted. We'll see.

What I do want to share with you guys is stuff that I found lying around the Interwebz, and one of them is the amazing Lex Croucher (tyrannosauruslexxx) putting melody on "The Hanging Tree" poem that Katniss sings on the third (I think) Hunger Games book. I mean, check this out.

It may just be the current season, but I'm seriously loving dresses lately. Yes, more than I do already, if that's even possible. So I was on Polyvore and ohmygosh so many pretty ones and here are some of my favorites:

That's it, really. I'm so sorry I couldn't keep up with BEDA, I'll do better next time.

See you guys soon.

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