Friday, June 15, 2012

I Built A Fort


I would say that this is actually one of the best ones I have ever built ever! It's very comfortable and warm inside and there are lots of space as well. Can I keep this in my room forever?

So I am officially starting the summer holidays in about 4 days and I am very determined to make this the best summer holiday so far. Me and my friends exchanged lists before we even did the Junior Cert. A Summer To-Do List. Orla and Caitlin gave me their lists about a week or so before school ended, Orla's being full of books to read and Caitlin's being full of dares to do. 

But I still don't have a list of things to do over the summer for myself. 

So I'm going to make one. Right now. 

Danielle's List of Things To Do for the Summer:
  1. Finish the summer to-do list that I made a year ago, which you can find here.
  2. Finish Orla and Caitlin's lists for me.
  3. Read more classics (at least 6 classics over the season)
  4. Make a map of the world for my wall with Orla.
  5. Learn to play new chords in the guitar. (Cause D A Em G is getting kind of tiring)
  6. Take more pictures.
  7. Be more connected to other people in youtube and other bloggers. Have discussions and conversations. Share interests. Give your 2 cents on a subject. USE WORDS.
  8. Blog more (at least three times a week)
  9. Get caught up in the 50 books challenge.

That's all I could think of so far. But I expect I'll add in more later.

I should sleep now, so.



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