Monday, July 9, 2012

Thoughts And Ramblings And Also Flowers

The other day was a nice day in Ireland. This is a big deal because we have a grand total of about 15 days of sunshine every summer. Anyway, I took pictures of my backyard during that fine day and I just want to give you all an update of my life while I show you the pictures. Yeah, marionhoney style. Just a quick disclaimer, though: I am not a photographer. I know next to nothing about photography but it is something that I truly enjoy doing. :)

I have finished reading "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green. I cried buckets of tears. It was so good. Some people didn't like the ending of the story, but I disagree with them. I thought the ending was the perfect ending for such a heartbreaking story, and I loved it. I plan on re-reading the book again this summer, because it was such a mind opener on important subjects such as the value of life and death and there are so many thoughts forming in my head and I don't know what to do with them just yet. Augustus Waters puts it best: "My thoughts are stars I cannot yet fathom into constellations."

Life is being good to me lately. It's partly because it is summer and the thought of nothing but transition year for a full year ahead is making me positively delightful. But it's also mostly because a person who has walked away from my life a long time ago has come back again, and I have accepted that person with open arms. I don't really like talking about anything too personal in my blog but I am very, very, happy and I can't tell enough people about this. I want to cherish the feeling of happiness while it is still there, because if there's one thing I have learned it is that the universe doesn't want its people to feel too content. "The Universe wants to be noticed," from The Fault In Our Stars.

So, as far as The Lists go, I have crossed some of them off but I still have about a million miles to go before finishing them. The amount of books that I have to read is unbelievable, so I have to get my backside off tumblr and start observing made-up people's lives. I have also recently become a Sherlock fan. I've finished both seasons a week or two ago and they were mind-blowingly amazing. No, I have not read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Adventures of Sherlock Holmes yet, but I plan to very soon.

Last night, I wrote a script for my very first video blog. I have been watching so many vloggers on youtube for a few years now and I have always been fascinated by vlogging. It looks so much fun! So I have decided that I am finally going to start vlogging, once I have figured out how to edit videos. It's rather exciting. I am scared, yeah, but I am Daring To Suck.

That's about it, really! My life has been pretty uneventfully lately but I am very happy. 

I will see you guys sometime in the future! Maybe through video! Ahhhh


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