Friday, August 24, 2012

Story: The Rainbow Incident

I wasn't feeling my best that day.

I had a fight with my closest Friend, my room was a mess, my mom was nagging me the whole day, I had about 50,000 things to do in my to-do list, I had zero motivation to start any of them and to top it all off, I discovered a new zit on my forehead.

At about 2pm I had given up on the day and was lying in my bed doing absolutely nothing.

When suddenly my 4 year old brother came bounding up the stairs shouting, "Colours! Colours!" Of course, I didn't know what he was talking about, and I didn't care either. I just wanted to stay in my bed all day, away from anyone and anything else. But my brother had kicked my bedroom door open, took me by the hand and forced me to go with him downstairs, to the glass kitchen doors offering a full view of the sky. He pointed upwards and there was the most vivid rainbow I had ever seen.

My brother grinned at me and said, "See?"

This has been a Story.

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