Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I Spent My First Salary On

Wisely spent, don't you think?

Also I FINALLY found a music shop where I can buy the A Very She And Him Christmas album! They don't have it in stock this week but they might have it over the next week or so. I AM SO EXCITED. I'm so ready for Christmas (been playing christmas songs for the past three days or so, heh) and I am convinced that this one's going to be the best one yet.

I'll talk to y'all later.


Monday, November 5, 2012

What Do You Mean Halloween's Over And This Post Is Way Out Of Date?

*insert excerpt of "It's Not Over Yet," from AVPS here*

*ehem* So.

In true Danielle fashion, here are some super late news about the Halloween I had last week! I didn't take lots of pictures because I was too busy doing other things, like trick or treating and entertaining my friends, but I'm going to share the few pictures I took in here anyway.

Okay so this is the story. Initially I was going to dress up as Ramona Flowers. I had my pink wig, my pink-purple top, my purple tights, but I still was missing quite a lot of signature Ramona Flowers accessories, e.g. the hammer and the goggles. So at the very last minute I switched and decided to dress up as Knives Chau, since I already had her black and wife scarf and, uh, you know, I'm asian. But then I wasn't sure the people in my neighbourhood would get the reference so I just went all out and wrapped a black shirt around my head to be a ninja!

Here's a somewhat crappy picture of me, my friends and my brother.

Kate on the far left is Medusa, my brother is Frankenstein's monster, I am a ninja and Orla on the far right is a Cloaked Wanderer.
So we went around the neighbourhood dressed as this, ordinary trick or treaters, mostly for the sake of my little brother (it was his first time trick or treating!). But we had another plan...

A few weeks prior Halloween, I saw this post around tumblr. Basically a group of trick or treaters dress up as grandmothers, carrying a door with them. When the "victim's" (that's the person who owns the house) door opens, they will see another door, which says "Knock Please." They will open it and will find grandmothers doting on their "costumes" and giving them sweets. After that, they will pick the door up, and walk on to the next house. That's what we did. It was pretty awesome.

Here we are dressed as grandmothers, with our door. Orla on the left, me in the centre and Kate on the right.
A lot of people liked our little show! One guy even made us do the whole thing all over again just so his wife could watch. A lady was just sort of staring at us in awe. They did try to give us sweets, but we just "Flee!!!", as Kate said.

After this we watched "A Nightmare Before Christmas," which was a very, very, good movie. I've never seen it before and I would definitely consider a must-watch movie in Halloween or in Christmas.

Here are some more pictures from the night:

Orla brought some homemade toffee apples with her! I've never had one before and I regret that because these were amazing. How about we all sign a petition to make this an all-year specialty, instead of just in Halloween?

And that was my Halloween! I hope you guys had a fantastic one too, and I will talk to you all later.

Oh and also, I'm not forgetting the "changes" that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. It's more difficult than I've expected to think of changes I could make in the blog, so if you want to you could message me some suggestions! New series, new style, anything at all. I look forward to hearing your input!