Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Hardships of Running a Mini-Company

I am in Transition Year, as you may or may not know, and as part of our Business Studies module, we were instructed to manage our own mini-company. Initially we thought of selling clear earrings. Let me explain. Piercings are not allowed in our school, and this is a problem for the people who have piercings because if they can't wear those extra earrings to school, then the hole would close up and they would have to get their ear (or whatever part of the body they have the piercing on) re-pierced. Clear earrings can help with maintaining the piercing while also avoiding detention. Now the only problem is we have to present the product to our principal and deputy principal for approval, and as you can imagine they're not exactly eager for the idea. Plus, the products had to be bought online, and none of our parents were willing to let use their credit card, and our school would not support us either.

We had been working for this project for at least two months.

The deadline for the business company is in the first week of March.

It's so freaking stressful. It just has been taking so much of me and my group mates' time and when combined with other activities that we are doing in transition year we are left with nearly no free time, and no time at all to blog, and I'm so-

Shut up.

Excuse me?

You. Shut up, now.

Sorry but this is my blog, and I can post whatever I want whenever I-

I know what you want though, and this is not it.


You would like to blog more. Like you did two years ago. That feeling, remember?

I've lost it.

So bring it back.

I'm scared.

Do it. Blog every week for a year, starting next year.

Every week. You're insane.

And you are too. Do it.

Maybe it won't be too bad.

Or maybe it will. But do it.

I used to be able to do it before, but I don't know about now-

Do it anyway.


This is a stupid post, by the way.

I know.

Click Publish and don't look back.

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