Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Audio Books, Runes, and YouTube Things

I have finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring! It was amazing, of course. Tolkien has a way of telling a story and it just sucks you in and makes you believe in that story. Like you're a child and you're listening to your grandfather tell you stories about his childhood. Anyway I've started reading The Two Towers and the other day I was kind of not in the mood for reading, but I still wanted to get through about 50 pages so I can be on track. So what I did was I went to look for an audio book of The Two Towers on YouTube  and that's how I found this. Just give it a listen.

Come on, just give it a listen! Even if you listen for just the first few minutes. Just. Up until Aragorn shouts. Go onnnn. It's amazing, you guys. It's amazing.

This is, by far, the most wonderful audio book I have ever listened to! I don't know if most audio books are like this because I don't really listen to audio books too often, but the sound effects, the sound track, and the voice acting (I mean I don't know is that what you call it) on this one just makes it one of kind. It really enhances your reading experience and helps you paint a better picture of the events in the book! I can't wait to listen and read the rest of the book, gah I'm just so excited.

Speaking of The Lord of the Rings, I finally did last night something that I have been wanting to do for SUCH a long time (please get your mind out of the gutter :D): to figure out the dwarvish style of writing. Well, you know, according to Tolkien. I have come up with this, and please tell me, if there is any Lord of The Rings fans out there, if I did anything wrong:

In other news, this week, we're repainting The Drum Youth Centre, which I am in the Youth Committee of. I've never really done any kind of painting before because usually when we're repainting the house or my room, we'd get a person to paint it, or my dad, so I'm really excited for this! It's happening on Tuesday and Thursday, and if anybody of you guys are living near or in Kilkenny be sure to pop by and say hi, or do some painting yourselves!

Also if you watch Alex Day or Nerimon on YouTube  you may or may not have seen the video that he has put up about Lifescouts. Basically, it's inspired by the Boy Scouts idea of getting badges for doing a particular thing, you reblog the badge that you have earned on tumblr and you share the story of how you got that badge! Head over to the Lifescouts tumblr to see the badges and if you have earned anything. I'll be putting up a Lifescouts page in my blog in the next few days or so too.

There is also a video meme going around in YouTube about Self Image and me and my friend Kate of insearchofthought are thinking of doing it ourselves! We're not quite sure yet how we'll work ours out or if we're even brave enough to do it, but we have made it a commitment already and there's no backing out now! It may take a couple of months but we're definitely doing it at some point!

Okay now let's review last week's Agenda:
1. Finish The Fellowship of the Rings, and start The Two Towers. I did this! I'm proud to say! It took me ten days to read it and I'm halfway through The Two Towers right now, thanks to the aforementioned audio book. (Helm's Deep is the best chapter so far!)
2. Write more in my Diary. Umm...
3. Print out and maybe send the application form! Tomorrow, I promise!
4. Finish schoolwork that I have to finish, e.g. the school magazine, the debate in Irish, etc. I DID THIS!

This week's Agenda:
1. Write more in my Diary. As usual.
2. Print out and maybe send the application form!
3. Finish The Two Towers and start The Return of the King.
4. Plan what I will say for the Self Image video.

That is all that I will say for the moment! I'll be quite busy this week and I don't want to be over-ambitious about the Agenda. I hope you all have an amazing week and I will see you all next week!


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