Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Don't Break The Chain, Pictures, And Stuff That I Really Need To Do

Guys, I've been really REALLY bad this week... I got almost none of my agenda from last week done and school and extracurricular activities (as well as procrastination) is to blame. I didn't write in my diary AT ALL this week (I might have to use a Don't Break The Chain Calendar for this one, from Karen Kavett), and I'm not finished with The Two Towers yet when I'm supposed to be three days into Return of the King! I need to get my shit together this week if I want to realize my plan!

What I DID do this week is I took a walk with my good friend Aoife to try and get some pictures for a photo competition that we're entering. Now I know I am not the best at taking pictures and I'm not calling myself a photographer, but here are some of the pictures that I took.

I forgot to bring my camera to the repainting of The Drum (typical) but I'm going to try and bring it on Thursday, when it is again happening. We also finally had the election last Friday and I'm glad to inform you that I've been elected as the secretary this year! I'm really happy about it because I'm trying to be more organised this year and this position would really help me with that.

I also have sent my application form (finally) to St. Luke's Medical Hospital, where I want to do my work experience. Well, when I say "I," I mean my mom did, since I was in school. I asked my mom to ask for their contact number but they refused to give any, and just said they would call me "soon." How soon "soon" is who knows, but I really hope they do get in touch with me, or else at least send me a message saying they can't accept anymore people. It's just common courtesy, in my opinion.

I'm doing about a billion things for school and outside school for the next couple of months, so what I'm going to do to keep up with it all is I'm going to list them all down here.
  • Gaisce- The President's Award. For those who don't know this involves young people participating in four different categories, which are Personal, Community, Physical, and Adventure, for 13 weeks. For Personal I'm entering my voice lessons, for Community I'm entering being a youth committee member of  The Drum, and for Physical I'm entering the water aerobics that I have been doing as part of our school activities. As for the Adventure category, the school is going to organise this for us, where we probably will be hill walking/mountain climbing for a couple of days. For more information of this check the website here.
  • The National Career Skills Competition. For this one I have to prepare a Career Investigation report and a Work Experience report. The prices are amazeballs so I really want to do my best with this one. Although, the closing date is in April, so I have to get cracking!
  • AILO Linguistics Competition.
  • Transition Year Short Film Competition.
  • Photo Competition.
  • School Magazine. We're still trying to put together articles for our magazine and we think it's going well so far.
  • Mini Company. We've finally figured something out! As you may or may not remember a couple of posts ago I've been ranting about how hard it is to manage a mini-company, and after so many weeks of being stuck, we've finally found a way to go through with it. *cheers*
  • Royal Irish Academy of Music Exams.
Phew. Long list. I'm exhausted, as you can imagine, but this makes me so happy because it means that I'm not spending all day on Tumblr, or watching YouTube videos.

Agenda for next week:
  2. Finally finish The Two Towers. Please Danielle please.
  3. Accomplish at least one part of one of the things listed above. Get busy.
Okay that is all. Now I'm going to call it a day because I'm tired as hell. Goodbye!


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