Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pirates of the Carribean, Lord of the Rings, and Soap that look like Shells

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second week of 2013!

2013 is treating me well so far. Me and my friends had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon and it was amazing! I've never seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean before (please don't shoot me) so it was a very new experience for me. I watched them with people who can literally quote all throughout the movies (they didn't when we were watching)! I enjoyed the night very much but we all fell asleep on the fourth film, On Stranger Tides. All but one, that is. Kate of insearchofthought stayed up until 5 minutes before the movie ends, when the movie stopped buffering and refused to continue. I think we did very well considering the length of those films though, and I will definitely get a copy of On Stranger Tides and finish it myself.

The whole reason why we organised this over Christmas is because my friend Aoife, whose house we held the sleepover, finally got my Kris Kringle present over Christmas and she wanted to give it to me! She actually ended up giving me two presents because when her original present for me did not come before Christmas, she made me a present herself!

Loooook you guys! Aren't they amazing? These soaps were handmade by Aoife and they smell gorgeous! They look so mysterious too, all thanks to the dark blue colour and the shell shapes. It reminds me so much of Pirates of the Caribbean.

But look at her original present for me!

My wall has never looked so pretty!
I've been wanting to get one of these posters for so long! To those who don't know this poster was made by nerdfighter Mei from Malaysia, and it quotes probably the most famous quote from John Green's book, Looking for Alaska. If you want to see more of her work head over here! It's the best present I received this year, I think, so thanks Aoife!

As for my goals this week, some happened and some didn't. Let's review.

1. Read The Fellowship of the Ring. This happened! I'm still not finished though, but if I read an awful lot tonight and tomorrow then I'd be finished probably by tomorrow! I have a double free class tomorrow, or so I'm hoping, and I'd use most of that time for reading.
2. Write in my diary. This happened to some degree.I did write in my diary a lot, but not every single day, as I had stuff on like that Pirates of the Carribean marathon, and also reading the Lord of the Rings a lot.
3. Write an application form. This happened, I'm proud to say!
4. Watch episodes 1-14 of Supernatural. This was a bit of a failure. And for a number of reasons. One is because my parents took my laptop away and because of that couldn't watch it, obviously. And Two is because... I don't know if I like it. (Now I'm going to run as the Supernatural fandom tries to kill me.) Let me explain. It's brilliant. The acting was brilliant and the storylines were amazing, but I'm just not the biggest fan of the thriller/horror genre. I'm a bit of a coward with those things. I mean I only watched two episodes and I think I'm forever scarred. So... I think Supernatural is a no-go for me. I'll just have to accept that I will never be part of all of the Big Three (Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock).

Agenda This Week:

1. Finish The Fellowship of the Rings, and start The Two Towers!
2. Write more in my Diary
3. Print out and maybe send the application form!
4. Finish schoolwork that I have to finish, e.g. the school magazine, the debate in Irish, etc.

And that's about it you guys! As I've said the first week went by splendidly for me and I hope it did for yours too. I'm going to go now, I've got an awful lot of reading to do.



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