Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hummingbirds, Radio Guesting, and Lots of Procrastinating

Hello everyone! I almost forgot to post a blog post for this week, and that's not good because I already missed a week! Because of that, I've decided to punish myself by describing myself with one thing, which was actually quite difficult! I got this challenge from qandmypromisingcareerinespionage. I needed the help of some of my closest friends to do it, but in the end I decided to pick an animal myself.

A hummingbird.

Seriously guys, I just think it's me in animal form.

Anyway, now that that's over, let me tell you all about my week.

Last Thursday, I was in the radio for the very first time. It was definitely an amazing albeit slightly scary experience for me. I've had zero experience with radio before, I'd never even gone to a radio station! But last Thursday the girls from Rantin and Bantin of KCLR, who just so happens to be in my school, we're looking for TY girls to guest on their radio show and talk about their mini-companies. Initially two other girls from my mini-company group were supposed to do it, but neither of them could come that day, and since the KCLR radio station is only a two minute walk from my house, I just decided to do it myself! I was quite intimidated at first and I was very conscious of the way I talked, but Sinead Cormican and Ciara Philips were amazing conversationalists, and they made it seem like we were just seven school girls talking at lunch! Their show is from 8:30pm to 10pm on Thursday nights at KCLR. Click here to visit their facebook page.

I also spent Thursday night making my history project. We were given two, almost three, weeks to do it, but I am such an amazing procrastinator that I did it all in one night. Yep. I was wrecked by the end, I still had to do some bits and pieces for that project the next day! Never doing that again. But then again that's what I say every single time...

Okay that's it for this week! Didn't write in my diary at all, as usual. I did practice for my voice exams four days straight now though! Anyway. AGENDA.

Last Week:
1. Write and send in application form for St. Canice's. I did this, but I received so far have not received any reply at all. I'm getting kind of worried now, since the work experience is in two weeks. I need to get one fast. :(( It's so stressful, you guys.
2. CATCH UP WITH ALL OF THE SCHOOL WORK JESUS CHRIST DANIELLE STOP PROCRASTINATING. Erm I did *some* of this. I still have quite a few things that I have to do though.
3. Finish Pride and Prejudice. *nervous laughter*

This Week:
1. Find a work experience real quick. Aaaaaghhhh is the sound of my anxiety.
2. Finish Pride and Prejudice.
3. Write the reviews that I still have to do aw shucks

That's all from this week you guys! I'll talk to you all later, bye!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Absences, Hearts, and the President of the United States

*John Green voice* This blog post comes to you in three parts:
Part 1: Excuses and Punishments,
Part 2: Valentines Day; and
Part 3: How John Green Broke Nerdfighteria

Part 1: Excuses and Punishments

So I wasn't here last week... I mean I'm not even going to try and hide the fact that I was just so lazy and spent my time procrastinating like a pro. All I did was tumblr and watched youtube videos and slept and talked to my Friend. I did finally watch the Lord of the Rings though, because I finished the books last week. I watched it with my friends Caitlin, Kate, Orla and Aoife overnight and it was amazing. Aragorn and Arwen. I died.


I think I'm going to talk about The Lord of the Rings in a post of its own though. I have quite a lot to say.

I've also sent my application letter for Aut Even Medical Hospital last Monday and received the rejection letter this morning. So that's that. Ugh. Applying for jobs is SO HARD and I'm not even applying for a proper job. This is the second hospital I've applied to and got rejected at. I'm going to apply to St Canices Hospital next and if that doesn't work out then I don't what I'd do. So stressful.

Anyway. As I was saying before I digressed there, I wasn't here last week, so I am going to give myself a punishment. *cheers* I am not quite sure yet what the punishment would be but if anybody's reading this and you've got any idea at all, message me about it! I'll try and get the punishment up before next week. 

Part 2: Valentine's Day

I never celebrate Valentine's Day mostly because I never had any reason to celebrate it but this year I decided to acknowledge it even just a bit. I did consider giving all of my friends Valentine Cards but I didn't have quite enough time... because I procrastinated a lot... So instead I made some chocolate covered strawberries! I also bought some of those heart shaped Valentine candies. They taste like chalk and medicine and death.

I'll try the cards next year! Hopefully. If I remember.

Part 3: How John Green Broke Nerdfighteria

So last night, the fourteenth of February at 9.50 PM GMT, John Green, along with other people, interviewed President Barack Obama and streamed it on Youtube. In the space of an hour, John Green asked the President about pennies and why they should be abolished (the President agreed with him), revealed his wife The Yeti to all of Nerdfighteria, announced that they were pregnant with a second child, asked the President if he preferred the name Eleanor or Alice, to which the President did not have the answer of but said that whatever the child's name maybe, tell him/her to not forget to be awesome.

The result? Nerdfighteria in chaos.

No seriously, I was so happy I was nearly bawling.

If you guys want to watch the thing you can click here and here, the Pennies question and the GREATEST MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF NERDFIGHTERIA respectively, and here to watch the full thing. I have to warn you though the comments on that third link is Mordor.

And that is all! I guess now I have to write my agenda for next week.

1. Write and send in application form for St. Canices.
3. Finish Pride and Prejudice.

And that's it! I'll see you guys next week!


Friday, February 1, 2013

we'll ugly cry together

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great day, wherever you are, and are ready to wave goodbye to January!

First of all, I didn't do much this week, so I have nothing to tell you guys. I mostly just tried to catch up with my reading, and spent a couple of days being sick. Also I still didn't write in my diary so I can't remember what I did. This week, maybe. I printed off copies of the Don't Break The Chain calendar for both diary writing and practicing for my voice lessons so I hope this will help me in doing those things.

And yes, maybe it's not such a good idea to show the world my diary, but I'm going to anyway, because I'm. Me. Also it's really pretty!

I got it from TK Maxx as a present for myself in the winter of 2011, because I wanted to get back into writing in my diary again (seriously, I've been working on this for years now). I though the prettiness would encourage me to write in it more, but apparently not. 

Anyway, this month has been moderately productive for me, which is such a great improvement seeing as I think I did more things in January than I did in the last half of last year. This month, I have (almost) read all of the Lord of the Rings books, including The Hobbit, I watched seven movies, I applied for a work placement in St. Luke's (which I have news about, actually), I blogged a lot, and I did (and still am doing) schoolworks and projects that I had (have) to do. I haven't quite caught up yet, but I am pleased with how my plans turned out. :)

I am very nearly finished with The Return of the King! I have about 100 pages left (I'm not including the appendices) and I'm going to try and finish it today, so I can start Romance Month tomorrow. I may or may not be doing a book review for The Lord of the Rings, so that will happen next month. I'm really excited about how this story would turn out though! I'm almost positive that I will cry at the end. I will miss The Fellowship so much.

I will also probably maybe post movie reviews on Je T'aime Paris, Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr. version) and Les Misérables. Our music teacher took the class to the cinema yesterday to see Les Miz because our music teacher is amazing and it was one of the rare movies I wouldn't mind seeing again without feeling like it's a chore.

In other news, I didn't get into St. Luke's (sads), but at least they sent me a letter saying I didn't get the place instead of just leaving me hanging! I'm going to send more application letters to clinics and/or other hospitals though, cause I really want to experience working in a medicine-related environment.
My first rejection letter. I should frame this up.
Also I finally bought a planner! I've been wanting to get one since this year and now I finally have it, and the format is just what I wanted. It has a calendar at the beginning, and then a page for each weekday and then the weekends share one page. I like it.

Have you guys heard of gwatsky's new song? It's amazing! Listen to it.
Erm. I think that's it. This week was pretty uneventful. So. Okay.

  2. Finally finish The Two Towers. Please Danielle please. Yes.
  3. Accomplish at least one part of one of the things listed above. Get busy. YES!

  1. Finish the Return of the King.
  2. Complete the Career Investigation.
  3. Send out app form to another clinic/hospital.
  4. Write reviews.
Okay I think I'm going to go now cause