Friday, February 15, 2013

Absences, Hearts, and the President of the United States

*John Green voice* This blog post comes to you in three parts:
Part 1: Excuses and Punishments,
Part 2: Valentines Day; and
Part 3: How John Green Broke Nerdfighteria

Part 1: Excuses and Punishments

So I wasn't here last week... I mean I'm not even going to try and hide the fact that I was just so lazy and spent my time procrastinating like a pro. All I did was tumblr and watched youtube videos and slept and talked to my Friend. I did finally watch the Lord of the Rings though, because I finished the books last week. I watched it with my friends Caitlin, Kate, Orla and Aoife overnight and it was amazing. Aragorn and Arwen. I died.


I think I'm going to talk about The Lord of the Rings in a post of its own though. I have quite a lot to say.

I've also sent my application letter for Aut Even Medical Hospital last Monday and received the rejection letter this morning. So that's that. Ugh. Applying for jobs is SO HARD and I'm not even applying for a proper job. This is the second hospital I've applied to and got rejected at. I'm going to apply to St Canices Hospital next and if that doesn't work out then I don't what I'd do. So stressful.

Anyway. As I was saying before I digressed there, I wasn't here last week, so I am going to give myself a punishment. *cheers* I am not quite sure yet what the punishment would be but if anybody's reading this and you've got any idea at all, message me about it! I'll try and get the punishment up before next week. 

Part 2: Valentine's Day

I never celebrate Valentine's Day mostly because I never had any reason to celebrate it but this year I decided to acknowledge it even just a bit. I did consider giving all of my friends Valentine Cards but I didn't have quite enough time... because I procrastinated a lot... So instead I made some chocolate covered strawberries! I also bought some of those heart shaped Valentine candies. They taste like chalk and medicine and death.

I'll try the cards next year! Hopefully. If I remember.

Part 3: How John Green Broke Nerdfighteria

So last night, the fourteenth of February at 9.50 PM GMT, John Green, along with other people, interviewed President Barack Obama and streamed it on Youtube. In the space of an hour, John Green asked the President about pennies and why they should be abolished (the President agreed with him), revealed his wife The Yeti to all of Nerdfighteria, announced that they were pregnant with a second child, asked the President if he preferred the name Eleanor or Alice, to which the President did not have the answer of but said that whatever the child's name maybe, tell him/her to not forget to be awesome.

The result? Nerdfighteria in chaos.

No seriously, I was so happy I was nearly bawling.

If you guys want to watch the thing you can click here and here, the Pennies question and the GREATEST MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF NERDFIGHTERIA respectively, and here to watch the full thing. I have to warn you though the comments on that third link is Mordor.

And that is all! I guess now I have to write my agenda for next week.

1. Write and send in application form for St. Canices.
3. Finish Pride and Prejudice.

And that's it! I'll see you guys next week!


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