Saturday, March 16, 2013

Embarassing Myspace Pages, Work Experiences, and Free Books

I missed a week last week. Again. So I would punish myself by giving you guys... the link to my myspace page. Yep.

Click here, merciless bastards.

Okay. HERE. ME. OUT. This is the story why this page isn't erased from existence yet.

When I was twelve, I went under a signing-up-on-free-websites spree. You name it, I'm in it. Clubpenguin, Friendster, Youtube, Bing, MSN, bebo, and yep. Myspace. Back when it was cool. So I signed in. Put a whole load of thought and image vomit in it. And forgot about it. Until I searched for myself on google one day. we all do.

So I saw the abomination, I logged into myspace for the first time in forever with the e-mail address and password I remember signing up with... and got in. I went straight into the account settings part and quickly deleted my account. They said that my account will be terminated in 14 days. I was content, and moved on. ...Until I looked up myself again on google. (I'M SORRY OKAY I LIKE DOING IT!)

So then with a sigh I tried to log in again, and didn't get through. I tried a variety of password to get in, but no luck. So now it's just there. A blemish on my otherwise perfect internet face. (insert boos, sniggers, "oh pleases," and crumpled paper thrown into my direction here.)

Right, now that that's over, I'll fill you guys in about what's going on in my life at the moment. Because you all obviously care.

I spent the last week working at the Kilkenny Book Centre, which I have to say was just amazing. I spent a lot of time sorting books out on the bookshelves, replenishing stuff and also sorting out the books to be sent back to the publishers (which just about broke my heart because I read some of the books that were being sent back and they were amazing and I don't understand why they're not selling and *breaks down and cries*) But that was just one minor complaint, other than that the week was quite incredible. I'd say it was strange that I quite enjoyed working there, but then again I was surrounding with books! Sorting out bookshelves? I do that on my free time! It was the most magnificent work experience week I've had thus far and now I'm seriously considering establishing my own bookshop!

At the end of the week I got a £20 book voucher and I got An Abundance of Katherines by John Green (I've been planning to read that book for AGES) and 1984 by George Orwell with it. Also a card for my dad, it was his birthday yesterday.

Also, about two weeks ago, I actually wrote down a couple of times in my diary! It felt amazing to write again, it's just the starting part that is quite hard.

This is the scary part. We will look at the agenda last last week. Shi-

Agenda last week:

  1. Sort out work experience! I did! For work experience next week I'm working at a hospital!
  2. Go running. Nope.
  3. Write LOTR book review and other blog posts. Sorry.
Agenda for next week:
  1. Can I please do that book review already for god's sake.
  2. Get started on those ideas I have for blog posts!
  3. Plan my two-week holiday.

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