Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Day I Pledged Never Again To Leave The House Without A Camera

My friends and I decided to have a one last hang out together before leaving for our respective summer activities, i.e. Gaeltacht/CTYI/Going back to the Philippines, so yesterday we decided that we were all going to meet up and have a charity shopping day.

You may or may not know this already but my camera is broken so I left yesterday without one, and it turned out to be one of the worst decisions I have ever made. We saw and did so many things yesterday and my inner blogger was kicking herself for not having a camera to capture it all.

And, well, I still want to tell you guys what happened yesterday, so let me give you a list:

  • When we were in Oxfam (one of the charity shops in Kilkenny), we saw three matching dresses that were the same sizes. They were white with a pink wallpaper pattern, and they were identical. And since we're us, we decided to try the dresses on. We looked like the curtain version of Destiny's Child.
  • We decided to go and get food at the Dunnes Stores Deli and then we sat near the castle and ate our food, overlooking the river. There were guys at the bridge who decided that they were going to jump into the river from the bridge and so they did. And it was very entertaining.
  • Also there was this, like, stereotypically nerdy-ish guy who was sitting not very far from us reading a book. My friend really liked this guy and we found out that he was reading Game of Thrones and she loves Game of Thrones so I told her to go over and talk to her and my god it's the cutest thing I have ever seen. The guy was smiling at her and then they just started reading Game of Thrones (she had Game of Thrones too) while sitting together and then he would smile at what he's reading and look at her and then he would imitate her like when she would look up he would too ohmygod you guys it was adorable. But then she came over to me after their short time together and told me that it didn't go very well at all and that it was mostly awkward. :(
  • So then we decided that we were going to do some ballet and yoga right there and then in public and it was a lot of fun.
All in all it was a fun day yes good