Saturday, August 24, 2013

Going Up // August

I'm loving Rosianna's Going Up and Going Down series on her youtube channel, so I want to do a similar thing in my blog. I'm going to put up a Going Down post later this week, but right now, here are the things that are Going Up in August.

1. The Library
I used to be obsessed with going to libraries about two summers ago. I would go in almost every day borrowing like three books at a time. But the visits faltered when third year of secondary school started, because Junior Cert, and I just didn't have time to go to the library then on account of all the work and all the procrastination I was too busy doing. When the Junior Cert ended I found it hard to get back into the habit of visiting the library. Until recently! I've been going to the library quite a lot since I came back from the Philippines and I totally forgot how handy and super reliable it is. Right now I have Fight Club by Chuck Palahnuik and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury out.

2. Reality TV
There's this TV channel in the Philippines called ETC, which streams mostly american TV shows all day. Since I didn't really like the rest of the channels available to me, and also we didn't have internet in our main home, I ended up watching TV shows from this channel in my free time. I didn't really like the drama shows but it surprised me how much I enjoyed the reality TV shows! I loved and still am loving Project Runway (I'm still keeping tabs on season 12!), and I also enjoyed America's Next Top Model a lot. Getting Sky cable just reinforced this new found love for reality TV, and I find myself watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians more than I would like to. I also rewatched Made In Chelsea season one last month but I didn't make it until season two because I got too frustrated with the story line. Ugh let's hope this reality TV show phase diminishes when the school year starts!

3. Rookie Magazine
I have been reading a lot of Rookie online magazine lately! I found it through bollykecks' tumblr because she's one of the illustrators of the site, and I'm really thankful that she is because now I cannot stop reading it! The articles are super interesting and different from any other magazines that I have read, the book/music/TV recommendations are always up my alley, and it also keeps me updated on important news especially the ones that involves feminism! I'm totally digging it and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone who likes to read.

4. Brownie in a Mug
I got this trick from my housemate. You basically combine flour, sugar, cocoa powder, olive oil, water, and salt in a mug, mix it up and stick it in a microwave, and you got yourself some brownies. You can top it with ice cream if you want, but it really isn't necessary. The only thing is that it can be too sweet and as a result slightly nauseating, which is exactly the kind of food you want to eat while watching trashy television. If you want the fancier full recipe of it, click here.

5. School Supplies
I mean, do you really want a reason? I went school supplies shopping today for the upcoming school year (which is starting on Tuesday by the way, damn everything), and I loved it. As usual I bought way more than I actually need, but school supplies are as good as chocolate to me so I couldn't really help myself. It's the one perk of coming back to school.

6. This Writing Mix on 8tracks
It's such a good soundtrack while you're writing/reading/studying because it keeps you concentrated on what you're doing, and also it involves music from almost every TV show/movie that I love, including but not limited to: Doctor Who, Sherlock, and The Hobbit. If you're into music while you work and loves the TV shows and movie that I just mentioned, I suggest you go check it out.

That's all for this week, I think! I'll talk to you guys before the end of the month for the Going Down post, but before that I'll see you guys tomorrow! Hopefully!


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