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This is the first time that I made a tag so do forgive me if it's rubbish, but I don't feel like writing a BEDA today so I'm kind of cheating. Anyway, QUESTIONS!

*May contain spoilers from Paper Towns, The Fault in our Stars, and Harry Potter.*

1. Which book universe would you most like to live in?
It all comes down to the two book universes that I fell in love with, The Lord of the Rings universe, and the Harry Potter universe. And I'm choosing Middle Earth. I WANT TO LET MY HAIR FLOW IN THE WIND AS I RIDE THROUGH THE GLEN FIRING ARROWS INTO THE SUNSET. I've said this in another post before, but there's something about J.R.R.Tolkien's story-telling skills that makes you believe in it. It makes you imagine a land before humans were the dominant species, a land where elves and dwarves and hobbits dwell, full of adventures and mysteries waiting to be discovered. I want to live in Middle Earth so bad.

2. If you could be any character in any book, who would you be?
Maybe I'm a bit biased because Paper Towns is my favourite book, but I wouldn't say no to being Margo Roth Spiegelman. Her spontaneity is something that I want to, but highly doubt I would ever, have. I love her scheming skills, her planning of huge pranks and her ability to carry them out. I love her adventures, the way she can just leave everything behind to just do something that she wants to do, the way she could just leave and literally chase whatever it is that she wants. She is just an amazing mastermind. I've never had the courage that she has, nor that I think I ever will. But then again, it's too early to say.

3. Which fictional family from any book would you join?
The Weasleys, no question. I mean does it even need a reason? I love their family and their house and the way they're so close to each other and so tight-knit. They're also really funny and so interesting. I mean any family would be if the Weasley twins is there. I also really love how so motherly Mrs. Weasley is. She's so supportive and strong and she would protect her kids to the ends of the world. She's really warm and welcoming and I just love her so much.

4. If you could have any character in any book as a best friend, who would it be?
I would love to be friends with Charlie and the whole gang from Perks of Being a Wallflower. I just think they're so much fun and I would really love hanging out with them.

5. Which character from any book would be your nemesis?
Ohmygod. It's Monica, Isaac's (ex) girlfriend from The Fault In Our Stars. I remember just being so angry at her for leaving Isaac, when she promised she'd be there "always." In the words of Isaac himself: "I'm about to lose my eyesight and she can't handle it." And when Isaac said, "Love is keeping the promise anyway... and I love her. And she promised. She promised me always," my heart broke into a million pieces and I had to put the book down and cry a good cry. So Monica. From The Fault In Our Stars. She would be my nemisis.

6. Which character from any book would you want to be your mentor?
Atticus Finch. He is a really wise character. He's also very dignified, and kind, and everything you want your mentor to be.

7. If you could have any occupation from any fictional book, what would you be?
It would be pretty cool to be an Auror. I mean I realise that that occupation is at odds with me being in Slytherin House and also me being not at all very courageous, but it's still a cool job. Otherwise I guess I'd just do officework at the Ministry. Or else work at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

8. You have a clique. You can choose any character from any book to be in on your clique. Who would you choose?
Ramona Flowers, because she's super cool in like, the 90s definition of "cool," Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, because Hermione is a character that I would forever admire and also Ron is really funny, and them together is an explosion of adorableness, and then maybe Gandalf.

9. You can ask any character from any book one question. What would it be?
I would ask Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson series, HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN THE FIRST FEW BOOKS OF YOUR LIFE. Seriously though, those first few books are so incredibly predictable.


That's all goodbye!


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