Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Want A Home Library

I love interior design. Although I can't design a room myself (seriously, where does one start?), I like looking at the work of interior designers and seeing how coordinated and lovely the room is, and what kind of mood it has. When I was younger, I would cut up furniture from Argos catalogue that my uncle who works in Ireland would bring home, and I would stick them onto a sheet of paper to create my ideal room. (I would also spend a ridiculous amount of time making and spending my own paper money. Like, when I think of my childhood I just think of myself doing calculations of how much money I have and then taking the cost of the furniture I just "bought" and subtracting that from my money and I would do that again and again and again and again. I mean aside from playing with my 18 barbies, that was all I did. Calculations. That was my childhood. I also made myself a rule book on playing jackstones. Seriously. And I would get a serious kick out of them. Maybe I'd write a blog post on my childhood soon.)

Anyway, I kinda digressed a bit there, today I want to talk to you guys about a serious dream of mine. Ever since I got very into books in 2009, I've wanted to have my own library in my house. Your stereotypical library. You know, like, with the fireplace and the ladder with wheels that moves on the shelves, and the armchair and the carpet. Leather bound books on the shelves. Dramatically low lighting on the ceilings but bright lamps just beside the comfortable armchairs for reading sessions. There would also be a large mahogany desk on one side of the room with a really comfortable office chair behind it so that I could work there if I ever need to. Like, to do taxes or the house budgeting or something, which as I've told you in the first paragraph I've been doing since I was about nine. The colour scheme would be rich, earthy tones, like reds and browns, maybe a bit of dark green and dull gold. There would be a vintage looking globe somewhere in the room, and a map of the world on a wall. Oh and wallpaper would be dark, dark red would be the main colour and then the features would be dull gold. The carpet would be dark red almost brown too. If I have kids by then there would also be little vintage school desks somewhere in the room where they could do their homework or study. The kids' books won't be in the room, however, that would be in their nursery. The library would probably be located in the basement of the house, if our house has a basement.

Ah, be still, my heart. 

And now I shall provide you with pictures.

(ohmygod you guys I was looking at google for pictures with which to provide you and I found this interior design site and it was my perfect room. Click here if you want to see that but I'd put the images below anyway.)

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