Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Went Back To School Today! feat. Krizanne

I am extreeeeeeeeeeeemely pleased. I was very anxious going to school this morning, and I don't even know why that was. I mean, I've been doing the same thing for four (now five) years. But I think it was the thought that everything was changing this year and I have to take it seriously now that made me want to jump off a cliff. Today was a good start though. It was great seeing my friends again after a long time and seeing how the school has physically changed (for the better). I also got my time table, finally, and I'm pleased so far! I have the same maths teacher as I had from first to third year and I'm really happy because that teacher really worked for me, although a lot of students don't really like that teacher. Also, I have double history first thing on a monday morning, and that's completely fine with me because I adore history!

It just occured to me that August is nearly over and so is BALA. It was a good month for blogging for me I think, and I probably blogged more this month than I did all year. I'm not sure what's going to happen to this blog in September when the craziness settles in, but I hope I still get to blog even on the weekends. This month really brought out my love for blogging again. I do wish I can post more interesting things though, say, of travel and food and new people I meet. You know what? I may do that. I have my cousin Krizanne right here beside me, and I'm going to interview her!
Me: Hello Krizanne! How are you?
Krizanne: I'm fine!
Me: You have a really pretty name, which is probably what first crossed the mind of my readers. Do you have any idea where that name came from?
Krizanne: It came from the french bread, Croissant. When my mom was pregnant with me she loved eating croissant, like, she was obsessed with it. She made a variation of that name and gave it to me.
M: You are best known on the internet from your twitter, instagram, and facebook accounts. Tell us about how you got started with the internet business.
K: Well for facebook, you know the way it was really, really, like, sikat, because of Farmville? I asked my mom to make me a facebook because I didn't know anything about Facebook and I wanted to play Farmville because she said it was fun. So she made me one. With twitter, I was really curious. All my friends were talking about it, they told me to try it because we could follow local and international celebrities on it. I didn't know how to use it at first, me and my cousin were experimenting on it, and at one point I tweeted "Tweet me, I'm a bird." *Laughs* I really didn't know what was going on. And then that was it. After months and months I started enjoying Twitter. With Instagram, I had this friend from Barcelona, and she posted a picture with a frame and a filter, and I thought it was really really good. So I asked her where she edited the photo, and she said instagram, but you can only use it if you have an Apple product. That time I didn't have any Apple products, but then my friend Jasseh got one, she got an iPod. So I asked Jasseh to download Instagram on her iPod. There I made an account, and after three months I got an iPhone for my brithday! That's where it all started!

M: How did you manage to get thousands of followers on each platform? Do you have any tips you can give for people who might be looking for the same thing?
K: Well for Instagram I asked people to shout me out and I used a lot of hashtags. For Twitter, I don't know, I just started tweeting people, being friendly. That's it, and they started following me!
M: Do you ever get haters?
K: Yeah... on Instagram, random people just comment on my pictures saying I'm ugly or whatever, but I don't really mind, because I don't know them! Oh and once on Twitter I even got a poser! And she started hating on me and saying that she was the real me!
M: Oh my god! Did you manage to get rid of her in the end?
K: Well I asked my friends to help me, and in the end she admitted that it was because she liked my face. *Laughs.* It was all quite funny.
M: Do you have anything else to say to the readers of this interview?
K: I hope they enjoyed this thing, whatever this is. *Laughs* And... Follow me! *Laughs*

There you go! Give her a follow, she's pretty nice. And she helped me fill up the empty space of today's BALA, so THANK YOU KRIZANNE!!!


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