Friday, August 23, 2013

Lifescouts | Ballet

Ballet was the love of my life. I did it from when I was in fifth grade up to the summer before I went to Ireland, which lasted just over three years. I gave it up because of many reasons, one of which was I had a lot on my plate when I migrated and I just couldn't handle adding ballet into it. So I stopped. Looking back now it was a stupid decision, because I loved dancing and it would've relieved me of the stress I was dealing with. But what happened has happened. I am thinking of going back to it though. But I'm just concerned about the clash it may cause with choir and voice lessons that I'm going to take too. We will see though.

I remember when I had my first ever ballet lesson. The first thing I did when I came home that day was put my ballet shoes back on and repeat the class that I just took. Also feeling absolutely over the moon when my teacher told me that I was finally going en pointe. I remember that I just felt so happy when I was doing ballet. Ugh *sigh*

I hope I can do it again soon.


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