Saturday, September 14, 2013

Life Is Hard

Hello, people of the internet. It's been, like, two weeks since I last blogged, I know. But it was for a very, very (not so very) good reason. School. It just took over my life like the way the colonizers took over land that is not theirs and called it their own. I mean I knew it was going to be quite difficult but, man, I really wasn't expecting it to be this hectic and hard to deal with. The week I just had, for example, was a nightmare that lasted five days. I've been spending a lot of time revising and doing my homework and while I do want myself to get the best possible grades as I can, I also don't want to look back at my teenage years and think of all the sleepless nights I had reciting the An Córas Oideachais essay aloud, which is due to be tested that following Monday. Balance is hard, boys and girls. That is what we have learned.

Looking at the bright side though, I am liking all of my subjects so far! All of them! I'm really enjoying sitting in the classroom and learning about things that I've never learned before in such great detail. History, for example. We're learning about Russian history, about Lenin and Stalin, and although it is a pain to revise, it's really interesting and heartbreaking and frustrating and terrifying and disturbing, sometimes all at the same time (in a good way!). In Chemistry meanwhile, we've just finished the chapter on the history of the discovery of an atom and have just started learning about how the Periodic Table of Elements came about. And I love it (although all of the people that we have studied so far who has contributed something to science are all of the male gender. *laments*). French is an exception, because so far it has not been enjoyable at all and sometimes quite boring. Like when you compare it to the other subjects that I've mentioned above, it's not as exciting at all. I used to love French, but now it's just being the centre of boredom in my life. I expect it will get more interesting soon though. At least I hope so.

So yeah, although I do often find myself studying until about 11 in the evening (because I've been distracted by the internet yet again), my classes aren't so bad. They're fun in a killing-you-slowly kind of way.

In non-school-related news, I went to my very first tea party last weekend! It was my friend Orla's 16th birthday, and she decided that she was going to throw a tea party with dress codes and parlour games, and it was the best party that I have ever gone to. I think a big part of that was the food. Her mom is an amazing cook/baker and everything was just exquisite and fancy and homemade.

Books wise, I've been reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Yes, I am still reading it, because it's so terrifying. I'm also reading Animal Farm by George Orwell in light of the history chapter we just finished, and after that I'll be reading Fight Club. I may or may not be trying to kill myself.

That is all, I think. I need to go now because I want to make myself some brownies in a mug and procrastinate while my homework stays untouched. I hope you are all having a fantastic day and goodbye.