Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This survey was created by Rosianna (missxrojas on youtube) a couple of months ago, and because I am me, I am as usual late to the party and I'm going to answer these questions now that everyone has forgotten about this survey. You're welcome.

The questions:
1) Do you agree that the internet is a harder space for women? Why? Is it helpful or harmful to acknowledge that ('that' being whatever your opinion is on the topic)?
I do agree that the internet is a harder space for women. It's definitely a lot harder to be recognised as a content creator in whatever platform you are in if you're female than if you're male, and I think we really should acknowledge that. I have observed in the years that I have been using the internet that people are more likely to dismiss or objectify a female content creator than a male one, and I think it is something that needs to change.

2) What is the most helpful book/article you've read/film you've watched/video you've seen this year about womanhood?
I am a huuuuge fan of Rookie, the online magazine. I find it incredibly empowering for teens but especially for females. One article that I have read that particularly resonated with me is their article on MIA. I've never heard of her before reading that article, and after reading it I did not only learn more about the singer but also about different kinds of social injustices. This paragraph just made every nerve ending in my body sing the Hallelujah chorus:
Because women and people of color have always been shamed for being too “emotional,” for daring to bring the personal into the political. Because the political is the personal. Because when you are a refugee who cannot go home because your own country is no longer safe to live in, how can you be any other way but emotional? When civil war has torn your country apart, when civilians in your country are taken hostage and killed in the crossfire, when you are the target of police brutality and racial profiling, when your very existence is criminalized and threatened because of your race or ethnicity or gender or sexuality, how can you take it any other way except personally?
You can find the article here.

3) Do you think a focus on supportive networks of women online, whether formally through things like Wonderly or informally is beneficial or hurts "the cause"?
I don't see why those kinds of networks couldn't be beneficial for women. It brings women together and I myself feel empowered when participating in online organisations like these.

4) What have you done to support female content creators in the past year? Are things better now than they were then? What do you pledge to do this coming year?
Youtube-wise I have done a lot of commenting on a lot of youtube videos as well as sharing videos I thought are worth sharing. As I've said earlier I have started reading Rookie and I'm loving it and I've recently discovered female writers/musicians/directors/actresses. I don't think things are better for women now. I think we still have a long way to go for women to be recognized just as much as men are. For this year I pledge to help out female content creators whenever I can and whenever I have the resources to do so.

5) Your favourite five internet females.
Caitlin of Bollykecks
Kate of AhitchersgoofhuntRosianna of Missxrojas (does that even need saying?)Marina of Marinashutup

Tavi and all of the writers of Rookie

That is all. And although this isn't really a tag, I would like Kate to do it. Cause that would be cool and awesome. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Going Up // October

Hello Hello! October is my favorite month of the year (December is a close second!) and there's so many things that are going up for this month I don't even know where to start. But I will begin anyway. Here are the things that are going up for October:

  • Dining Room Table:
    Studying in the dining table is not uncommon for a lot of people, but it is for me. As I've said before my school does supervised study after school and I usually do the bulk of my homework there, but if there are leftover assignments that I have to do I usually do them in my bed or in my study table. I never leave my room unless I absolutely have to. But I recently discovered the wonder of using the dining room table for studying! After going home from study I usually restart my homework at around eight o'clock so I don't have to worry about having to talk to other people in my house if I go downstairs, because they're usually already up in their room. That way I avoid awkward family small talks. As well as that the dining room table is SO BIG that I can have my work spread out like the way I like it, and I don't have to worry about stuff falling off or anything. It's great. I love it. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Turning Seventeen:
    I've already talked about this in the previous post but I'll say it again: I'm loving the way life is at the moment. Also my 80s themed birthday party was a success and I had loads of fun (we watched a few movies and danced to 80s music. Also watched 80s aerobics) and I got a lot of really cool stuff as well, including a new laptop and a new phone. My previous laptop had a broken CD drive, missing keys on the keyboard, and a screen filled with blue spots that you can hardly see what you're looking at. A new laptop was sorely needed! (I got a Sony Vaio E14117 laptop, if anyone's wondering. I like it so far but the touchpad's kind of hard to use.) I also got an iPhone, so needless to say I'm very pleased! (I already posted more instagram pictures and videos than I ever did in the past six months.) I may not be getting any Christmas gifts as a result of that though. But whatever, I am still very happy.
    17th Birthday Party
  • Halloween:
    As is displayed by my 80s birthday bash, I love dressing up, so halloween is a fantastic time of the year for me! This year I'm going as a gypsy/fortune teller, and I've got my costume more or less ready. Me and my friends are getting together again this year and we're going to watch a halloween movie, eat some toffee apples and go trick or treating with my brother. But instead of only three people there's going to be four of us. I doubt anything can top last year's though!
But yeah! That's about it. I'd be very interested what anyone who is reading this is going as this Halloween, or if you're putting on a costume at all. In the meantime, good bye.


Sunday, October 27, 2013


I. Am. Terrible at keeping anything up, including this blog. We all know that by now. I knoooow I said I was going to blog at least every week, but Fifth Year, man. Also procrastination. You see the thing is I'm so tired during the week that I just want to not do anything when the weekend rolls around. But anyway, you don't want to hear my excuses. I am here to let you in on the latest developments in my life. There's quite a few and most of them revolve around the fact that I have recently turned seventeen.

I was in Study (my school does supervised study) after school on the day of my birthday, and I was doing my homework. But my mind was some place else. I was reflecting on the things that I have done/accomplished during the past year. There were quite a few Firsts, and so many memories were made that I think will stick with me for many many many years, and a lot would probably make it to the Things To Tell My Grandchildren list. I never thought about it before but my 16th year was definitely the most important year of my life so far. And I started getting really anxious. One, because it was such a good year, man. And I feel sad that I'm leaving it behind now. And whenever I feel sad, I feel anxious. And two, well, it's because that this was it. This was what I was talking about in this post. I feel like I'm actually living it. I mean granted, I never did the more reckless things and all of those stereotypical teenage stuff, and I wouldn't have imagined anything turning out this way but. But. I made memories. I made friends with sooooo many new people (transition year really helped with that) and wow, you guys. I feel like I've grown as a person. I'm not saying I'm a better person, because I don't know if I am, but I lived new experiences, and I think that's what is the most important to me. I was scared of not making my teenage years count and now I'm not anymore. So that's why I felt anxious. Because I felt like I was changing, and moving on to new things.

After going home and thinking about it for a little while, I realised that this wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Already I'm starting to make new experiences again and it's just my third day on this new age. I mean, I just threw the first birthday party (it was more of a gathering, really) with more than 5 people including me in it. It was fantastic. Me and my friends had a lot of fun and it was 80s themed so everyone was dressed in crazy outfits and that's another experience that I will never forget. I mean I don't even know what I'm blathering about right now. I guess I'm just saying that I like this. I didn't at first, but I do now. I'm currently happy with life. And I'm loving being a teenager. And it's great. I don't know. I'm just saying that I appreciate life right now, that's all. Even with all its inconveniences that sometimes just drive me up the wall (I'm not the most patient/understanding person) and even with all it's uncertainties. I like it.

I'm looking forward to the next year and whatever it will bring. Right now, I am happy.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Going Up + Going Down // September

A little OOTD for you all, because I liked what I was wearing today.

Hello, hello, dear readers! So I haven't blogged in like three weeks, and I don't have any excuse for that. I spent a lot of time procrastinating in the month of September, and even more time trying to catch up to the work that have accumulated while I was procrastinating. And by work I mean school work. I don't really get to do much these days, except for procrastination and school work. And so I don't really have any stories to tell you guys. However, I am here with stuff that is Going Up, and stuff that is Going Down in my life for the month of September.

Going Up: Animal Farm by George Orwell. I read this book because we were learning about Stalin and his deeds in Russia in our History class. The facts and the figures doesn't hurt when you read it from a text book. It may be quite shocking, but it doesn't really have an impact to you. But reading a book that brings those facts and figures to life is something else. That's when it hurts, because you start realising that those numbers are people, and those people had families, and hopes for their country and most importantly for themselves, and more often that not in this case those hopes only lead to disappointment and death. That's when it's painful. Pain, you guys. So much pain and suffering. History teaches you to feel.

Going Down: School Taking Over Everything. Do I really need to talk about this? You know what I mean anyway.

Going Up: Actually Being Able To Catch Up With School Work. The feeling is GOOD, you know what I mean? When you sit there on your seat in a room with 29 other people in it sitting on their own seats, and the teacher's going around the class asking questions, and you don't feel terrified. You feel confident. Because you know your stuff, you magical creature you.

I think that may be it from me you guys. Hopefully I can post more blogs in the following weeks!