Sunday, October 6, 2013

Going Up + Going Down // September

A little OOTD for you all, because I liked what I was wearing today.

Hello, hello, dear readers! So I haven't blogged in like three weeks, and I don't have any excuse for that. I spent a lot of time procrastinating in the month of September, and even more time trying to catch up to the work that have accumulated while I was procrastinating. And by work I mean school work. I don't really get to do much these days, except for procrastination and school work. And so I don't really have any stories to tell you guys. However, I am here with stuff that is Going Up, and stuff that is Going Down in my life for the month of September.

Going Up: Animal Farm by George Orwell. I read this book because we were learning about Stalin and his deeds in Russia in our History class. The facts and the figures doesn't hurt when you read it from a text book. It may be quite shocking, but it doesn't really have an impact to you. But reading a book that brings those facts and figures to life is something else. That's when it hurts, because you start realising that those numbers are people, and those people had families, and hopes for their country and most importantly for themselves, and more often that not in this case those hopes only lead to disappointment and death. That's when it's painful. Pain, you guys. So much pain and suffering. History teaches you to feel.

Going Down: School Taking Over Everything. Do I really need to talk about this? You know what I mean anyway.

Going Up: Actually Being Able To Catch Up With School Work. The feeling is GOOD, you know what I mean? When you sit there on your seat in a room with 29 other people in it sitting on their own seats, and the teacher's going around the class asking questions, and you don't feel terrified. You feel confident. Because you know your stuff, you magical creature you.

I think that may be it from me you guys. Hopefully I can post more blogs in the following weeks!


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