Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I really really really really really don't want to do this. Really. Who wants to assess their resolutions at the start of the year and then ponder upon how much of a failure they are? But even though it cuts, I have to do this. Give myself a little bit of tough love.

It took me a while to actually figure out what I said I was going to do this year, and it appears that I had two sets of resolutions, one is kind of an overview and another is a more detailed take on every month. I'm going to evaluate only the overview of the resolutions. Are you ready to see me fail?

One. Blog more. This year I'm going to do my best to blog every week. It's going to be a challenge as I can hardly even blog every month anymore, but I'm going to do my best. I just want to get more into writing because I'm thinking of doing NaNoWriMo in November. 

I think I actually succeeded a tiny bit in this one. I blogged everyday in August this year, and I averaged 5 posts per month, which is more than a post every week, if you guys can't handle super duper incredibly advanced maths for extraordinary geniuses.  I didn't end up doing NaNoWriMo, because I would have died, because fifth year. But I still am quite pleased with how this resolution went.

Two. Read more. This year I'm really going to try and do the 50 books challenge, in an attempt to get myself back into reading. I am going to post the books that I'm planning to read each month right here so both you (if you want to) and I can keep up on my reading. 

Of the thirty five books I planned to read until June, I ended up reading six. And a half. I was reading GoT but I left it in the Philippines! I obviously need to work on this one because I love reading, or at least I used to. I think what makes it harder now than ever before is that a couple of years ago when I was such an avid reader, my family only had one laptop, and I didn't have a smart phone. So I've had to resort to offline delights, like reading, to amuse myself. But now, I have the entire World Wide Web in my fingertips and so it is quite hard to find time away from the internet when it's so convenient that I have it right here. I don't want to say that one of my resolutions this year would be to stay away from the internet a bit more, because 1. I don't think I'm emotionally strong enough for that, and 2. I actually do use the internet for communication with my Friend. But I don't know. We'll see how it goes.

Three. Be more organised. Along with posting the books that I will be reading for 2012, I will also be posting my plans every month so I can keep track with what I have to do. 

This happened for January, and then never happened ever again. Don't look back.

Four. I'm also starting TV shows! Get ready for explosions of feels! You can visit my tumblr here so you can see me lose my head as I fangirl. 

I did way too much of this.

And... Five. Actually try and keep all of my resolutions for once!

It's okay, I haven't run out of years yet to say this one again and again and again and again.


It's easy to plan. But it's so hard to keep the motivation to make your plan happen. Which is why this year was another failure resolution-wise. But 2013 was a great year when it came to unforeseen events that I never would have even imagined was ever going to happen. It was a year of firsts. First time abroad without parents (Oh Italy. Love of my life, fire of my loins), first time I got a place in a nationwide competition (I got fourth place in the CareerSkills competition! I'm the short one), and a lot of firsts in my personal life (I'm sorry to disappoint but I'm not going to enumerate them here for you). So many things happened to me that I felt made me grew as a person, and I'm not just talking about 2013, I'm also talking about being sixteen. When I turned sixteen last year I made a post about how I didn't feel like a teenager, but I only had to wait a few months to feel... I don't know, young. Crazy. And, dare I say it, infinite. 2013 was a great year. It was for me full of surprises and heartbreakers as well as heartwarmers and being-so-happy-you-tear-up-ers. Basically what I'm saying is even though I failed in keeping my plans this year, I've never been in a happier place. (I'm getting emotional.) 2013 gave me experiences that I would never forget, and I feel alive, and content. Things happened. And I am happy.

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