Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Obsessions

So in a turn of events which surprised absolutely no one, I ended up not blogging as much as I would've like in January. I mean I know I have a legit reason this time (chicken pox is a disease that makes me so motivated to be a doctor just so I can annihilate it completely) but I definitely exploited that reason a lot, at least in regards to blogging. I know I could've written a post in the past few days and maybe did things that are much more productive than sleeping for like 18 hours a day, but I didn't. On top of that I haven't been in the best of moods lately and a lot of it can be blamed on the amount of school work and extra-curricular work that I need to catch up on, which I have been putting off doing because NO. Also scars on my face and the realization that I am a lot more vain and shallow than I'd like to think I am, and also this thought that I may be a hypocrite because I get so worked up on social justice issues, but now I'm realizing that I'm probably doing things against my opinions and beliefs without even realizing it.

I hope that made sense.

To try and cheer up myself a little bit I have decided like five minutes ago to write about three things that I'm obsessed with every month. These can be ideas or things or people, it doesn't really matter as long as they have given me some sort of satisfaction for the month. So let's begin.

1. Beyoncé. I mean I've liked her before, sure, like every other person in the world. I don't think it's actually possible to hate on her because she's just incredible in every way. But my appreciation for Beyoncé has increased this month because I gave a few songs on her new album a listen, and also watched her visual album on YouTube, and now my new motto in life is "What would Beyoncé do?" There's just something empowering about seeing a person so confident that they would drop an album without telling anyone because they knew that shit would blow up. Her songs have made me feel just really good about life and her songs are one of the things that have helped me get through this horrible horrible month.

2. Number two is a person who I'm not really allowed to talk about in here but technically I'm not talking about that person because I'm not dropping any names, I just hope I wouldn't get into trouble for this. I just want to show how much I appreciate this person because this person has stuck with me through so much crap and even though things could be so much better, this person has never left. I don't know how I could've possibly gotten through this month without this person, because this person to me is a bit like an escape. Every time I talk to this person I could just release whatever animosity I have in life and just talk about it to this person and then I just sort of forget about it and suddenly I'm happy again. Basically this person is my happy place and I'm really really really really glad that this person exists in my life and I would just like to thank this person. Thank you person.

3. Feminism. When you become aware that things like slut-shaming and discrimination against women exists, it's really hard to unsee it. Things that were mundane to you in every day life and things that you previously have not had any issues with become like chicken pox blisters. Annoying, and disgusting, and makes you want to rip your skin off (in this case, skin is a metaphor for society). And then people begin accusing you of making small issues seem larger than it actually is, and they begin to say that you're over-reacting, or that you're getting upset over nothing, or worse, that you're on your period. It's the most frustrating situation that has ever happened to me, because my feelings about feminism has gotten a lot stronger over the past couple of months that I can't correct somebody without getting angry and tears of annoyance, and then the opposition don't take you seriously anymore because "you're taking things too personally" but when you have been oppressed for hundreds of years and when you're constantly told that you can't be anything greater than what society has thrust upon you and when your opinions and beliefs are repeatedly crushed and ruled out solely because they're coming from a person like you, how else would you take it but personally? Oppression of women is an issue that I am tired of and it needs to go away because I AM OVER IT.

And on that note, goodbye. As you can see life is being difficult for me at the moment and this term school wise has been a disaster so far and I cannot wait for midterm break in February. In the meantime, my name is Danielle and I am in hell.

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