Thursday, January 16, 2014


I took the day off from school today. I'm getting chills and I feel like everything I feel when I have a fever. It's positively dreadful. If I would hazard a guess it's probably the running I did yesterday with my friends during lunchtime. My school has started a project called Presentation Transformation (a play on the Operation Transformation show in RTE) and it involves running twice a week for six weeks so that by the end of six weeks we'd be able to run a 3K run in Mount Juliet (that's a place in Kilkenny.) I've never been good at running, even when I had physical outlets like ballet and hip hop. But since I've stopped both my fitness level has gotten much much worse and after I run five steps I'd feel like I'm about to die. It's horrible. But then again I guess this is why I'm taking part in this project. Might have to take it slowly at first though. I looked it up online (as you do instead of going to the doctor) and a lot of people are saying I'm probably dehydrated, and they're also recommending energy drinks like Lucozade. Might try that.

I know I'm just babbling but I can barely sit up in my bed and there's nothing else to do. I'm actually typing this in my phone. I'm so cold.

I also feel slightly sick of life in general. I feel behind in school, although I'm probably not as behind as I think I am. As well as that the family is driving me bonkers. I can't wait to move out, which I know is a terrible thing to say, but I'm guessing it would be better for everyone involved if I do.

I don't know if I'll be able to go to school tomorrow. To be honest I just wanna cancel my life at least until Monday. I'm so tired, and I have so many worries.

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