Friday, February 28, 2014

February Obsessions

February, you saviour you. Compared to the disaster that was January, February was the old lady in the train going, "Anything from the trolley, dears?" It has been a month of a lot of learning for me, and although there were a couple of bumps along the road, it was overall quite a good month. So much better than January, at least! So anyway, here are the three things that I am obsessed with in the month of February.

1. Alexa Chung
As I've said in my last post, my friend Brónagh reintroduced me to Alexa Chung and her incredible coolness. I've known Alexa before but Brónagh linked me to a video of her interviewing the fashion designer Paul Smith, and since then I've been hooked. In the past week or so I've been watching one Alexa video after another, looking at her style, and more importantly learning about her history with Arctic Monkeys leadman Alex Turner (I've NEVER heard of this! My mind was blown, especially seeing as Arctic Monkeys is one of my favourite bands right now). I'm also planning to buy her book, It. Right now, she's just my ultimate style crush. I'm planning on watching one of her TV shows soon.

2. Spring
I know I've always loved Winter, but first of all it didn't even snow this year, and second of all I've been through a lot of stress pretty much all of the season due to me being in fifth year. So I'm beyond glad seeing the first signs of Spring around the place: clear blue skies (during the day at least), catching the daylight as I leave after school study at 6pm, and not needing my earmuffs that much anymore. I want more of these! Also Spring means Summer, and Summer means no school, so that's pretty much a no-brainer.

3. DIY/Scrapbooking
I'm pretty sure you guys don't know this but I keep a little homemade fashion book.

It's pretty much an actual book, it's of the Kildare Photography Club, that I just covered all over with magazine pictures of clothes I liked, of models I digged, and of pictures that I adore. Although I've had it since around second/third year, it's still a work-in-progress- I'm only about halfway through the book- but I'm really really enjoying it!

And that is all! I hope you guys had a good February and have an even better March, and I'll see you all next time!


Disclaimer: none of the pictures from the Alexa section of this blog post are mine.

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