Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer's Nearly Over...

And so is my life.

Not really.

So it's been around two months since my last post, and I do apologize for the readers (if any) of this blog for not having heard from me for weeks and weeks. However, it has been a great summer for me, and it was really nice to just sit back and be present, in the moment, instead of having to worry about what I'm going to write a blog post about that day. Granted, I haven't been nearly as diligent in blog-writing as I was or I should be, which is why, from that angle also, the two-month off was beneficial. It gave me time to miss my blog, time to miss writing. And I do miss the days when I had a little notebook and I would jot down whatever idea came into my head that I thought I could regurgitate into blog form, but with instagram and twitter and snapchat and everything else that has to do with my iPhone, it's been pretty difficult taking an idea to a blog when I could just write a tiny note about it and put it on other social networking sites. Having said that though, I really do miss writing and I do want to put more of an effort writing in this blog. Back in 2011, which I always think was the peak of blogging for me, writing here gave me two things: (1) an outlet from where I could forget/rant about my problems, and (2) a project which kept me in check, by which I mean it prevented me from procrastinating too much. Over the years, as my blogging habits worsened, so did my procrastination. And with my last and most important school year approaching, there is nothing more I would like to avoid that procrastinating, and so blogging could only be beneficial for me.

I don't want to make a plan, or promise anything about blogging, because they never really happen for me. If you're an older reader I'm sure you have seen me try and fail to restart my site. So let me just say that I would do my best to come in here every week or so and rant to you, give you tips, tell you a funny story, and the like. Okay?

Anyway, as I was saying, summer was a lot of fun this year. A few days before leaving for the Philippines for vacation, I saw my favorite band, Arctic Monkeys, perform live in Marlay Park in Dublin. It was my first concert and it was incredibly memorable. The crowd was a bit to the rougher side (I was thrown into a mosh pit at one point, it was an experience), but I still enjoyed it very much. My friend Kate wrote a blog post on her blog about her experience but I make so much of a cameo on it that I feel like it speaks for both of us.

And then I left for the Philippines with my mom and brother Josh (my dad followed us a few days later). We were originally not going to go home this year, but since I was very insisting, I guess my parents were forced to take us home. Philippines was very... Philippine-y. There is no other way I could describe it. The weather was hot and humid, the people in equal parts welcoming and rude, and the food gorgeous. I celebrated my 18th birthday in there, although it's a few months early, because it's a Filipino tradition for a debutante to have a grand and fancy 18th birthday. I was in a ball gown and everything, it was kind of crazy. My parents also met my Friend for the first time (I pulled some strings to make sure that he was my last dance, which may or may not have happened without my parents' consent), which resulted to a very awkward albeit pleasant conversation with my dad about the future and my role in it, all coming down to "don't think about relationships first." Of course me and my Friend did meet up a couple of times still and it was heeeella fun and I'm definitely planning to come back again next year to do it allll over again. Going back to Ireland was a challenge in itself, too, although one that I did enjoy. I travelled on my own for the very first time! I felt very adult.

I think that was about it for my summer. I go back to school in a few days and this school year, I'm sitting my Leaving Cert exam. Here's hoping for the best, but I will keep all y'all posted.