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Hi! My name is Danielle Olavario, a 17 year old student from Kilkenny, Ireland. Welcome to my personal blog!

In here I talk about literally anything I want to talk about. Sometimes it's fashion, other times it's culture, society, books, or things that happen to me that I want you to know about. There is no particular direction to this blog at all, and it exists mainly for my own personal enjoyment. I would like to thank you for still taking the time to visit and maybe read a few posts though! I encourage you to comment on any of the posts because interaction is great sometimes.

Some facts about myself!
  • I am approximately five feet tall (haven't measured myself in a loooong time but I doubt I've grown at all!)
  • I have my roots in the Philippines and grew up in that country for the first twelve years of my life before moving to Ireland to study.
  • Nearly every colour is my favourite colour.
  • Some stuff I'm interested in: books, fashion, ideas, feminism, Science, Girls (TV show), Dead Poets Society, Pulp Fiction, and the Arctic Monkeys.

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